The U.X VIP program was designed to reward and incentivize users on the platform. VIP status can be obtained through high-volume trading, holding UXT/UCASH and/or by purchasing VIP privileges.

VIP Benefits

VIP Support

VIP users receive premium support and priority requests with a customized service.

Trading Discounts

Discounts of up to 20% are available for VIP users of the U.X platform.

Market Reports

Access to VIP market reports that may be published or become available through partners.

Special Bonuses

VIPs will receive bonus surprises and early access to functionalities as they become available.

Account Management

Specialized and targeted account management services are available for VIPs if requested.

Ecosystem Benefits

VIPs will get their status recognized across various U.CASH ecosystem initiatives for premium access.

Becoming a VIP

Your current VIP level will be assessed based on your latest 90-day trading records combined with your available UXT (U.X Token) or UCASH (Universal Cash) balance. Users can also bypass the 90-day trading record requirement by purchasing VIP privileges for yearly or lifetime access directly using UXT or UCASH.

What are UXT and UCASH?

UXT (U.X Token) is one of a set of uCurrencies built on top of UCASH. Users are able to send UCASH to the uCurrencies dApp to receive UXT in the pegged amount until the max limit of UXT creatable is reached. At any time, users can also send back UXT to the uCurrencies dApp to receive back their UCASH, opening up the possibility for another user to claim UXT. The URL for the uCurrencies dApp is https://ucurrencies.com.

UCASH was initially distributed starting in August 2017 until January 2018 in an IBO (Initial Bounty Offering) format to kickstart the U.CASH Network. You can also receive UXT and UCASH on the exchange platform for various trading pairs.

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